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We provide services under the following terms and conditions.  When you visit our web sites (, and, access, purchase or use any of our information, resources or services, then you accept these terms and conditions.  Please read them carefully.

Proofreading and Accuracy.  When clients request writing services (resumes and letters), clients are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all documents.   Clients must review all documents and notify us of any needed corrections in a timely manner (preferably within 5 business days). If an error is found after a client has approved the draft documents and an updated version is requested by the client, then client may be subject to additional charges.

We are not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies.

Job Placement.  We do not perform the function of a professional recruiter or job placement specialist.  No verbal or written promise or guarantee of job placement or employment is made or implied through the use of our information, resources, or services.

Statement of confidentiality. Information shared by the client during the coaching process or the delivery of services shall remain confidential to the extent provided by law.  We will, however, disclose information upon a written request by the client. At the client’s written request, we will contact third parties (i.e. current or former employer, counselor, etc.) for information (such as a previously completed assessment).

Disputes.  Any client dispute arising from the use of our information and resources and the provision of services, shall first be addressed to a qualified mediator.  If resolution is not reached, the dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Interpretation.  Our Terms and Conditions of Use, and any dispute of any sort that might arise, shall be interpreted and governed according to the applicable laws and regulations of the State of Georgia, as well as the ethical and professional guidelines of the National Career Development Association, the Center for Credentialing and Education Inc., and the International Coach Federation.


The credentialed professional coaches at Two Roads Resources, Inc. adhere to the ethical guidelines and standards of practice promoted by the following professional associations/bodies:

Board Certified Coach Code of Ethics (CCE, Inc.)

National Career Development Association (NCDA) Code of Ethics

Ethical Standards for Global Career Development Facilitators (CCE, Inc.)

International Coach Federation (ICF) – Code of Ethics

Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) – Code of Ethics: A PARW/CC member in good standing will:

  1. Professionally provide clients with products and services that will enhance 
    their abilities to achieve their goals and objectives regardless of race, color, 
    creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, level of income, or physical handicap.

  2. Be sensitive to client needs and compassionate in providing advice, 
    products, and services in meeting the client’s specific career goals.

  3. Deliver to the client what was promised and be truthful in guiding, advising, 
    and counseling clients in all aspects of the resume writing/employment 

  4. Maintain strict confidentiality with every client, revealing information only upon 
    written authorization by the client.

  5. Keep current of new trends, formats, writing styles, and résumé/employment 
    presentations to best serve his/her clients through the PARW/CC newsletter 
    and other sources.

  6. Stay abreast of market and hiring trends that will affect his/her clientele. By 
    staying current, PARW/CC members will provide up-to-date advice, counsel, 
    products, and services to better meet clients’ career objectives.

  7. Comply with all legal obligations in providing professional services.
    Be aware that contact with the public as a PARW/CC member promotes the 
    organization and reflects on the resume writing/consulting service as an 

  8. Be responsible to the community and be a contributing part of this 
    environment through participation in community activities, and will offer 
    professional advice and information pertaining to the resume 
    writing/employment field.

  9. Emphasize the professional spirit of the organization by encouraging and 
    promoting good relations among members.

Copyright PARW/CC.



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