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"We LOVE our jobs, we help people thrive!" - Coach Marshall & Coach John


Please call or email us with (a) your question, (b) your request for a presentation/speaker, or (c) to schedule an in-person or remote (phone or Zoom) coaching session.

When calling or emailing with your appointment request, please provide (a) several dates and times that would be convenient for your session, (b) any preference for the coach you'd like to work with, (c) and also state whether you would like to schedule an in-person or phone session. Our staff will review the schedule and follow up with you to confirm an appointment.

1. Contact us/Schedule by phone at 678-201-1431.

2. Email your question/scheduling request, along with 2-3 suggested dates and times, to

Atlanta, GA Office Address:

2900 Chamblee Tucker Road, Building 13, 2nd Floor; Atlanta, GA 30341

The Entrance to the office park is directly across the street from the entrance to Mercer University-Atlanta Campus and free parking is available outside building 13.


Jacksonville, FL Office Address:

2309 Park Street; Jacksonville, FL 32204

You will be given a code to enter the front door and there is a waiting room to the left as you enter. Free parking is available in front of the building (2 parallel spaces) and in the back of the building (by following the driveway on the right of the building). Please DO NOT park in the spaces in the back of Dr. West's dental practice (next door) or in Dr. West's parking spaces on Osceola Street.

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