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Reviews: Testimonials

You can read reviews of John's work with coaching clients under the RECOMMENDATIONS section of his

Linkedin profile.

“Thanks for all of your hard work. My resume turned out Awesome… I will spread the word of your great work.”

–Michael M.

"John's class at KSU on Professional Branding and Resume writing was geared toward students dealing with all aspects of the career continuum, from neophyte, to seasoned professional. The class was totally engaging and provided concrete useful information for all students. The material presented was based on reality and real-life.. John's enthusiasm, knowledge, and supportive nature to the students, made this class a real value. I would recommend it to all."  -Donna C. R.N., Director of Clinical Research

“When I first met John I was underemployed and had no direction. I was overcome with options and interests for a potential new job/career path. John helped me to narrow my focus while realizing all the assets I could potentially bring to a new employer. Additionally, John guided me in completely rebuilding my resume and Linkedin page to more accurately portray myself along with polishing my interviewing skills. I would highly recommend John to anyone in need of career or life coaching!” -Jason B.

 “My recent telephone coaching session with John was invaluable towards helping to get me out of being stuck, feeling more hopeful, energetic and motivated about my career. In addition to the technical and practical advise he offered me, his insights about my unique situation were right on the mark. I would recommend his work to anyone who, unsure about their direction in life, seeks a helpful hand. He’s also fantastic with resumes.” –Marian S. 

 “A couple of months ago I decided to seek help getting unstuck from the pattern of job search burnout I was experiencing. John worked with me and helped me to recognize what I had been doing wrong. Through his coaching and analysis I got focused and motivated. I am now employed in a position I am excited about and my life has literally turned around. Thank you John.” –Roger B.

 “John was invaluable in helping me quickly and efficiently revisit and refine my career values and goals. He provided honest, candid, and actionable feedback, and had creative ideas that directly assisted me in my career transition. John was wonderful to work with: always prepared, had great resources, and followed through promptly. It was great to have both a coach and a new friend with me through this important life event.” –Steven P. 

 “John has served as my mentor through the National Career Development Association for over a year. In that time, he has increased my knowledge and given me an invaluable forum for processing career ideas and business challenges. My approach to career counseling is considerably different to John’s, but he has made me a more thorough and effective career counselor. I highly recommend his services!” –Tina J. 

 “After a referral from another of his clients and support at home to invest in his services, I contacted John to help evaluate some career options that I had been considering after a risky career move yielded unsatisfactory results. The personal insight that I gained by working with John helped me better understand myself, better evaluate opportunities & employers and quickly re-start my career following a layoff. He is personable, listens well and provides candid feedback & creative suggestions to help clients draw their own conclusions about what they want and need from their careers. I would not have considered myself someone that needed the assistance of a coaching professional but I am extremely glad that I connected with John. I have referred several friends & colleagues and cannot recommend him enough.” — Adam S. 

 “I hired John in the early part of this year to strengthen my interviewing skills related to an exhaustive application for a fellowship. Since my first point of contact, I was impressed with John. He served as an excellent coach and mentor over the months we worked together. John delivered honest and sincere advice, worked to strengthen my delivery, and improved my overall messaging. John went well beyond the call of duty in his commitment and time, spending several hours in preparation for each of our one-to-one meetings. I would gladly serve as a reference on his behalf and can highly recommend his services.”–Mark O.

 “John is an intuitive yet practical, results-driven business coach who listens, provides effective feedback and helps me enhance my company’s bottom-line.”–Harrison P.

 “John is a positive force for change and highly committed and skilled at what he does.”–Mitchell S.

 BEST of the Best 

“I was a stay at home mom of 12 years. John helped me find the perfect career choice to balance my need for work, yet maintain my priority of family. John is extremely patient, worked with me on my schedule, and guided me with great wisdom. I’m eternally grateful. THANK YOU JOHN” –Keyuri J.


“If you need someone to help you put your work life in perspective, then no need to look any further. John was able to help me on so many levels. He gave me the tools I needed to open the door to a new career path. With his guidance I was able to consider opportunities I would not have other wise. I strongly advise you to make an appointment. I KNOW you will be very pleased.”–Jessica S.

 Professional and the Best Service in Atlanta:

“John offers great advice in a professional and empathetic manner. I recommend this service to anyone looking for Career Guidance or Coaching!”–Mitch S.

 Thank you John! 

“Two Roads Resources made all the difference in my job search. He gave me the tools, confidence, and direction to help me start a new career. Thanks to John’s help, I was able to find a great new job.”–David H.

 Awesome Resource 

“After having many jobs and being dissatisfied with my career path, I sought out help with my career path. Although I only met with John a handful of times, just by talking to him, and using the tools he provided, he got me thinking of where I want to be in the long term, and helped me be optimistic. I highly recommend him, and hope that others use his services to further their own career. Talking to him was a first step in taking control of my own career path, and subconsciously I believe it helped me demand the job I am at now, making 50% more than I was. Thanks again. –Tim M. ”

 Two Roads Got Me My Dream Job 

“I came to Two Roads very panicky and stressed-out–abruptly laid-off for no reason. Two Roads immediately helped me to look at my situation from a better perspective–one of opportunity–and showed me how to keep moving forward, to keep finding silver linings. I went from being panicked and stressed, to being completely in control of my future–and this I attribute in a large part to John, and what Two Roads taught me to do for my future. ”–Martin L.

 Knowledgeable and experienced!

“John helped pull my resume together before I graduated from college. He really prepared me with my big job search! ”–Tessa W.

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