About Coach Keyuri Joshi

As a registered nurse, I specialized in cardio-pulmonary patient care and patient education. My greatest fulfillment in health care came through educating clients to modify risk factors and to embrace healthy lifestyle choices.  

I also taught Sunday School for 9 years. I've worked with children ages four throug
h seven on how to incorporate good values and respectable behavior into their day to day interactions with family and friends.  This is emotional and social intelligence in action! I find great joy in still hearing positive feedback from the parents of these noble little souls. 

I always told my son, "when you pick a career, pick something that you love" because greeting the day with excitement about your work will result in day to day personal fulfillment and true success. Lucky for me, I followed my own advice!  For years, listening to challenges and then empowering others had always been my passion, and now it is my profession.

I know that when someone partners with me, they will achieve anything from their smallest goals to their biggest dreams... even the wild ones!  What I do best is to equip individuals with a comprehensive toolbox to build and optimize their personal or parenting roles.  Special attention is given to the tools of emotional and social intelligence as research has proven these to be critical components of personal life success or raising authentically happy and successful children.  Most importantly, my clients can look forward to changing their average "go through the motions" life into one brimming with a positive outlook, authentic happiness and sustained success. I'm an organized, methodical strategist and am dead serious about your results!

I am 50 years old, have been married to the man of my dreams (most days!) for 23 years, have a delightful 21 year old son and a beautiful black lab!  I have called Atlanta, GA home for the past 22 years.