Coach Erin Newman

Erin Newman, LCC

Life Coach

Erin is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a fluent German speaker. She spent many years in corporate America struggling to fit her round hole self into a square peg, and has now found her true calling as a professional coach.

Erin believes that each person already has the answers within. Through intuitive questions and deep insight, she helps her clients to discover their best and most vibrant lives.

Erin is certified as a life coach by the Lifeworks School of Coaching. She has also received one on one training with Dr. Jill Kahn of Empowerhouse Leadership Consultancy. 

- Erin sees clients in the Atlanta, GA  office and also offers weekly remote (Phone/Skype) sessions for clients.

Thoughts & Reflection

"After spending over 10 years in various management positions in corporate America (Lufthansa, Worldspan and Radiant/NCR), I have now found my perfect career fit as both a life coach and author, and most enjoy helping others to find their own purpose and meaning in life.

I’m a LifeWorks Certified Coach who has studied the process of self-transformation and growth with many teachers. I love helping others to find meaning and joy in their lives, much like I’ve learned to do in my own. 

I truly believe that each person already knows the answers within, and can find these answers by asking the right questions and listening deeply. In my practice with clients, I strive to help each of my clients discover what may be holding them back from living their best and most vibrant lives.

My clients come to me because they want to start stepping outside of the gray box that so many of us live in (and that I lived in for a long time) – you know, where things are pretty good, but not great. Where you know you “should” be happy, but aren’t necessarily so. Where you know that you want to do more, that you were sent here on earth to do something else, but you just haven’t figured that all out yet. That gray box has really held us back, keeping us trapped with fears like, “but if I do what I really love, then I won’t make money” or “but I don’t have enough education to do X.”

But there is another way! We can start to ask deep, intuitive questions, and start to define what it means to live in vibrant and amazing color. And then we learn that we are really just discovering more of the amazingness that already exists within you…and allowing it shine forth in the world!

I have two little monsters and a “not into this crazy stuff” kind of husband (whom I still love dearly). When I’m not coaching, writing romance novels, or being a mom, I like to read, travel, eat anything with spice, and spend time with friends."  --Erin Newman