Coaching for Organizations & Outplacement

The FLEXIBLE package provides the business client with targeted services to support (a) candidate recruitment, screening and selection, and (b) staff assessment and development. To meet your specific objectives, select from a variety of formal assessment instruments and the number of coaching sessions desired. Plesase contact us to discuss in detail.

The OUTPLACEMENT by DESIGN package will lend professional support to the individual whose position has been eliminated due to downsizing.  The organization designates the dollar amount to be allocated to this package and the staff member selects from the variety of services listed below, using the bank of funds provided (all services start with an Intake session):

  • Formal Assessments: MBTI Career Report, Strong Interest Inventory, and either the Work Personality Index or the Personal Competencies Inventory.
  • Self Assessment Exercises for Career Values, Transferable Skills/Core Competencies, Networking, and Time Management.
  • Exercises to research selected occupational areas/titles.
  • Establishing both short-term and long term career goals, as well as options for additional training, education, and/or certification to enter a new career.
  • Follow-up Coaching Session(s).
  • Writing services to prepare a Wordversion of an updated resume, and letter templates.
  • Coaching on the use of proactive job search strategies, targeted search resources, and successful interviewing techniques.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Email support between.
  • Rates: $160 per 60 minute coaching session $65 per hour for writing services and formal assessments range from $40 to $85 for online administration.

The WORKFORCE TALENT DEVELOPMENT package offers the staff member the opportunity to identify goals and map strategies as critical elements of a career development plan (CDP).  This package includes:

  • In Intake Session.
  • Formal Assessments (choose 3 from): MBTI Step II, FIRO-B, Work Personality Index Leadership or Management Report,  Manchester Personality Questionnaire, and Management Development Questionnaire.
  • Self Assessment Exercises for Career Values & Core Competencies.
  • 6 Follow-up Coaching Sessions.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for additional training, education, and/or certification – to support career advancement.
  • Individual is expected to complete CDP assignments and worksheets between sessions.
  • Email support between sessions. ($ 1,305 – 10% discount for a package = $ 1,174 )

The TYPE FOCUS Session offers an introduction to Type theory and personality preference.  Provides staff members with an overview of Type dynamics within an organization.  This package includes:

  • A 90 minute Coaching Session to provide an interpretation of the individual’s 4 letter Type profile.  Plus essential feedback to identify Type strengths, and outline these strengths as positive contributions to an organization.
  • A booklet entitled Your MBTI Results, to accompany the formal report. ($ 235.00)

The TYPE POTENTIAL Package goes beyond the basics and is for individuals with managerial and leadership responsibilities that would benefit from a thorough understanding of Type dynamics within an organization.  This program provides a detailed interpretation and investigation of the individual’s MBTI preferences.  This package includes:

  • An Intake session, to discuss the individual’s current level of understanding surrounding personality preferences and the MBTIinstrument.
  • The MBTI INTERPRETIVE REPORT FOR ORGANIZATIONS, basic 4 letter Type profile and essential feedback to identify strengths, and outline these strengths as positive contributions to an organization.
  • The MBTI STEP II REPORT, further exams the individual’s 4 letter Type, plus 20 facets associated with the individual’s personality preferences.
  • 4 Follow-up Coaching Sessions to discuss how the  individual might effectively apply Type preferences and facets to facilitate communication, make decisions, manage change, manage conflict, and ultimately move in the direction of the Best Fit position within an organization.
  • Individual is expected to complete assignments between scheduled sessions.
  • Email support between sessions. ($ 885 – 10% discount on a package = $796 )

TERMS: All organizational/business coaching packages require full payment upon the completion of the initial coaching session.

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