Practice Stress Management this Holiday Season

by Coach John on November 23, 2012

During the holidays we’re inundated with messages from the media and our brain to hurry up and get ready for this special time of the year. But as we rush and scramble and plan for the perfect holiday, stress mounts. We take it all in stride and tell ourselves that all this stress is just part of the process, but is that true? Maybe it’s OK to reach a point where we can say, we’ve done enough and we’re ready…ready to experience the beauty and optimism of the holidays with co-workers, friends and family who enrich our life. And when we bump into pessimism, sarcasm, ego, greed, frustration, etc. on our path, we simply need to pause, breathe and visualize a balloon of gratitude we are sending to the sky to honor our blessings.

Here are a few links to sites that offer simple yet powerful (and free) exercises and resources for progressive relaxation and stress reduction. I invite you to take 10 minutes out of your day a few times a week to relax and replenish some positive energy.

Progressive Relaxation Recordings from the Michigan State University Counseling Center.

Progressive Relaxation Exercises and Resources from the McKinley Health Center at that University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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